Shamblin Residence

Dan & Bonnie Shamblin
New Lenox, IL

After 25 years on their spacious New Lenox property, Dan and Bonnie Shamblin decided in 2008 to make some major upgrades to their driveway and landscaping.

Little did they know that the work would also help families in need, to the tune of $2,100.

That was part of the deal when the Shamblins hired McAdam Landscaping for the job. Through a donation program it occasionally launches, McAdam donated 5 percent of the project fee, in the Shamblins’ name, to an organization of the family’s choice: St. Jude’s Church.

“It is an exceptional gesture on the company’s part,” Shamblin said. “I can’t recall ever encountering a program like this before.”

McAdam’s improvements to the property included installation of a concrete and paver-block driveway and turnaround; installation of shrubbery and trees on the property line along the street, to create a traffic buffer; and the installation of trees, shrubbery and flowers around the house.

The Shamblins were thrilled with the work, and retained McAdam for additional landscaping behind their house. “We’re very pleased with the quality of McAdam’s work,” said Dan Shamblin. “They have the perseverance to make things right.”

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Residential Landscaping
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