The Buck(thorn) Stops Here!

Mar. 5th, 2018 by W Scott McAdam Jr.

Are you aware of the threat that common buckthorn poses to the landscape, wildlife habitat and environment overall?

Widespread throughout the state and identified as an invasive plant by the State of Illinois, buckthorn can grow from seed, as well as sprout from cut stems, which increases its ability to invade new areas. 

So, why is buckthorn such a problem? 

Rooting Out Why Fall is a Great Time to Plant

Aug. 24th, 2017 by W Scott McAdam Jr.

Once again this year, as predictably as the change of seasons, I am being peppered with familiar late-summer inquiries:

“Is it too late to plant? Should we wait until next spring?” Those questions allow me to dispel the misconception that if you do any planting in the fall, there will not be enough time for the plants to establish and they will suffer.

In fact, fall is considered the best time for planting. Here’s why:


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