McAdam Gets in the Chicago Tribune's 'Heart of the Home' Spotlight

Jul. 7th, 2016 by McAdam Landscaping

"For more than 37 years, Scott McAdam, owner of McAdam Landscaping in Forest Park, has been designing gorgeous gardens across the western suburbs and further.

It's a profession he began as a kid in junior high by cutting lawns, and it continued throughout high school and in college at the University of Illinois, where McAdam earned a degree in ornamental horticulture

For all you procrastinators out there who've not got their yards in order yet or their flowers blooming, it's not too late for this year or to plan for next year, said McAdam, a registered landscape architect..."

So begins Felicia Dechter's recent "Heart of the Home" column in the Chicago Tribune that features a Q & A with our president, Scott McAdam. Among other topics, he responds to a query about "some simple landscaping tricks people can do to improve the look of their home's exterior."

To read his reply to that question, and more, click here.