Green Tips for Maximizing Minimal Space

Feb. 26th, 2016 by W Scott McAdam Jr.

One of the hot trends in the horticultural field is turning small spaces into green spaces.  

This is partly generational, as Gen Ys and Millennials seem to be yearning for that connection to the outdoors and nature. They want to dig in, get their hands dirty, and reap some sort of tangible benefit from their labor.

In small spaces, balconies, or urban locations, container gardens are an excellent way of maximizing the small amount of space you have and making it “green.” 

By using containers, you can also add scope to your space by “planting-up.” Planting-up adds height to your containers by incorporating plantings with varying heights. You can also place containers on different-tiered surfaces. 

Instead of having three containers in a corner, all on the same level, take one and place it on a small object to give it more height behind the other two, increasing that space’s aesthetic impact. 

Container planting is also a fantastic way to harvest food from your urban garden. Many vegetables and herbs can be grown in containers, providing you with food the entire season long. It doesn’t get any more ‘farm-to-table’ than that!

This "Ask the Plant Expert" was published in Wednesday Journal, Inc. newspapers on February 17, 2016.