Fall is Prime Seeding Season--Get the Process Started Now!

Aug. 21st, 2015 by W Scott McAdam Jr.

We have experienced some major environmental stresses on soil this season: heavy rains during spring and early summer, then a rapid transition to warm and dry weather. In the process, this has generated lots of energy within the turf and fungal diseases are now threatening to overtake your lawn.

Between now and Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to begin your seeding project. Note: a 21-day growth period from germination to full growth is normal, after which you can mow for the first time.

Fall is the preferred time because of fewer pressures on the seed and an optimal growing climate. As soil temperatures decrease, dormant weed seeds in the soil are not able to germinate, minimizing competition for space, nutrients, and moisture for the seed to establish properly.

With cooler temperatures, the soil also retains moisture for a longer duration, decreasing your time and water demands. Short, frequent watering to keep the top layers of soil moist is best. Overwatering forms puddles that may either drown or wash the seed away.

As mentioned, the fall provides the best possible growing climate—warmth during the day followed by cool nights. This allows for the most uniform germination and allows new seedlings to establish healthy root systems resulting in a lush, green, and healthy lawn.