Design-An-Ad Campaign Spurs on Precocious Promotions of McAdam Landscaping

Mar. 27th, 2017 by McAdam Landscaping

Every year, the Wednesday Journal of Oak Park & River Forest creates a special advertising section that turns over creative control to youngsters in Oak Park, River Forest and Forest Park.

This year, as usual, we had a tough time wading through the many outstanding designs touting our services. Overall, there were 16 contributions and in the end, we selected five that represented a great cross-section of artistic interpretations.

All of the designs were terrific in their own way, but the ones that stood out had what we regard as an extra dose of wit, whimsy, a particular artistic touch, and marketing flair. Their handiwork appeared in the March 22nd edition of the newspaper and we share them here as well. (Click on the image for a closer look.)

We hope you enjoy these clever, creative and precocious promotions by Ella Klem, Ella Reynolds, Beatrice Spell, Addison Bliss and Pearce!